Summer Program

Summer Associate Program 2022

Our summer associates work with our attorneys on matters of immediate importance to the firm’s clients.  We have no rigid work assignment or rotation system.  Summer associates have the opportunity to choose their own assignments from a wide range of departments and practice groups.  Some summer associates arrive at the firm knowing they want to practice exclusively in one area of our practice, while others use the summer to explore a number of areas to determine where their talents and interests lie.

Summer associates receive valuable training from working closely on a day-to-day basis with their supervising lawyers and from prompt feedback on all assignments.  We have designed formal training and orientation programs to supplement this hands-on training, and we ask several of our lawyers to take primary responsibility for each summer associate -- serving as mentors and “buddies” -- to offer guidance and counsel in support of your professional development.

Our summer associates have opportunities to observe more experienced lawyers in action, attending corporate closings, depositions, trials and other court appearances, stockholder meetings, and conferences with clients and opposing counsel.  And, of course, there is also ample opportunity to become acquainted with our lawyers on a more personal level at casual lunches and informal social events.

We hope you’ll consider joining us for Summer 2022. 

How to Apply

Foley Hoag Lawyers will visit many schools and job fairs during the recruiting season. Visit our Recruiting Schedule to see who will be where and when. If your school is not listed, you are invited to submit your application materials (letter, resume, and a copy of your law school transcript) to us here.

For additional information about recruiting for the Summer Program contact:

Barbara Connor
Legal Recruiting Manager

Candidates may be assured of complete confidentiality.