Scoping Out Foley Hoag’s Extensive Reach

July 26, 2019

By  Kyle Skinner

On the rooftop deck of Yotel at the Administrative Law Department summer party I got into a conversation with a Foley Hoag partner about the relationship between politics, development, and the environment. Like most good conversations, I couldn’t tell you exactly how it got started, but at a certain point I was reminded of an important case for the development of international environmental law I had read for a class Pulp Mills on the River Uruguay. “Oh yeah,” said the partner. I worked on that one!”

This is but one example of the many times that I’ve been surprised by the cope of Foley Hoag’s work. Another example: walking to lunch one day I asked an attorney to identify a building I didn’t recognize. “Three of our clients have offices there!” was the initial response.

If I hadn’t asked, I don’t think anyone would have told me about these examples of the firm’s reach. This, I think is reflective of this firm’s ethos: a deep but humble pride that values high quality work more than the size or publicity of its matters.

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