Discovering Foley Hoag’s Departments

July 30, 2019

I knew Foley Hoag had a unique culture, but I never expected each department to have its own subculture as well. Every department at Foley Hoag has a different personality and the summer events have been a great way to experience them all. For example, the Administrative Law Department party on the Yotel roof deck featured passionate rants about the government, public transportation and healthcare (along with a lot of pizza!). The Intellectual Property Department party was at King’s, and I found myself discussing patent litigation in between being crushed at bowling by partner Josh Jarvis and associate Nicole Kinsley. I ate mini lobster rolls while talking about “The Bachelor” with partner Stacie Aarestad at the Business Department party.

Overall, the departments reflect a greater trend in the Foley Hoag office: attorneys are not only incredibly intelligent, but are passionate and interesting people who bring their entire selves to work. It has been so wonderful to be able to express myself in an authentic way and feel like I’m still respected, not only as a colleague, but as a unique person.
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