A Perfect Balance

July 26, 2019

All firms have social events which are a significant part of your summer. They provide a great opportunity to meet different attorneys in a more relaxed setting where you can get to know them as regular people, not simply as a partner or associate at a law firm. Foley Hoag is no exception, with many great firm-sponsored events.

The general set-up is that there are special events for summer associates on Thursdays. These events range from Trivia Night (my favorite, even though I got every question wrong), to a cooking class, to bowling. It’s a perfect time to hang out with your fellow summers and attorneys in a social setting.

In addition to these summer associate events, there are various department parties, special events and softball games that are scattered throughout the week. I would highly recommend playing on the firm softball team, or just going to the games even if softball isn’t for you. You’ll get free pizza, and a couple hours after work to hang out with your fellow summers. Many of us would even stay after the softball game had ended just to hang out in the beautiful weather, watching the kickball games that came after us!

While we are all here to develop our skills and work on substantive assignments, Foley Hoag stresses to us that if we want to go to any of these extra events, don’t let work stand in the way. In the same vein, these additional events are not mandatory, and no one will be offended if you just want to take a night off and enjoy the personal time of your summer. Not everybody wants to be out three nights a week, and if that’s not your thing, no one is pressuring you to make it your thing.

This is just a microcosm of how Foley Hoag approaches attorney satisfaction and truly cares about the human aspect of being a lawyer. At Foley Hoag you will have no problem being yourself. It’s equally okay to be a social butterfly or someone who is only up for one event a week. The firm provides plenty of opportunities to attend social events, and the flexibility to choose how often you want to participate. I would call this a perfect balance.

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