Assignments at Foley Hoag Allow for a Diverse Work Experience

July 24, 2018

By  Patricia Pérez

Foley Hoag’s summer program allows summer associates to explore their interests in-depth. One of its most unique features is that summers get to pick the assignments and practice areas they’d be more interested in working on. The firm's intranet hosts an assignment board where attorneys from all departments post assignments appropriate for the summer associate level. Each student can then pick the assignments that are most appealing to them.
I initially came into the summer program interested in the Business Department and imagined myself working primarily in that area. However, the legal field is diverse and dynamic, and I was able to pick up assignments from each of the departments. I worked across offices on an international litigation and arbitration assignment with attorneys from the D.C. and New York offices; worked on intellectual property litigation matters; assisted clients with corporate formation; took an assignment within the Administrative Department… and that’s just a brief overview of the array of opportunities I’ve had.
Even though I’m leaving the summer program assured of my initial instinct to work in the Business Department, I am happy that I was able to exercise my curiosity and work on a variety of different matters. Foley Hoag’s summer program is very self-directed that way, and the amount of possible pathways will hopefully help you be in the best position to start your legal career.

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