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This is my second summer with Foley Hoag. As a 1L summer, I came in with a clear idea of what I wanted from a firm. I was looking for the opportunity to get substantive experience, receive meaningful feedback and mentoring, and also work at a place that was invested in my long term development and success. More »

Assignments at Foley Hoag Allow for a Diverse Work Experience

Foley Hoag’s summer program allows summer associates to explore their interests in-depth. One of its most unique features is that summers get to pick the assignments and practice areas they’d be more interested in working on. More »

Social Events at Foley Hoag

There’s no denying that a big part of your summer associate experience should be the social events. The idea is that you’re doing real work, but that you’re also interacting with a variety of attorneys in a casual environment. This is a good time to get a better feel of how attorneys interact with each other and how you might fit in. More »