Scoping Out Foley Hoag’s Extensive Reach

On the rooftop deck of Yotel at the Administrative Law Department summer party I got into a conversation with a Foley Hoag partner about the relationship between politics, development, and the environment. Like most good conversations, I couldn’t tell you exactly how it got started, but at a certain point I was reminded of an important case for the development of international environmental law I had read for a class Pulp Mills on the River Uruguay. “Oh yeah,” said the partner. I worked on that one!” More »

Support at Foley Hoag

For many reasons, my initial interview with Foley Hoag left a lasting impression. As soon as I shook partner Kevin Conroy’s hand and settled into my seat, my nerves faded. This sense of comfort was in large part due to Kevin’s affability, but it was also thanks to a comfy red seat cushion he had placed on the interviewee’s seat. More »

Freedom to Explore

Arriving at Foley Hoag this summer, I knew I wanted to work within the Administrative Department’s energy and environmental practices. Particularly among Boston firms, Foley Hoag’s reputation in these areas is among the very best. More »

Budding Industry – Summer Projects in Foley Hoag’s Cannabis Practice Area

All of the work that I’ve done so far this summer has been engaging, but some of the most interesting projects I am working on are in Foley Hoag’s new cannabis practice. If you asked me before the summer program started I would never have imagined that I would be working in this space. More »

Business Internship Experience

I came into the summer at Foley Hoag with the goal to learn as much as possible from those around me. One of the greatest ways to do this has been participating in Business Internships. While I approached the summer with the idea that I wanted to do transactional work as a corporate attorney, I did not have a real sense of what that meant day-to-day. More »

Back for More

This is my second summer with Foley Hoag. As a 1L summer, I came in with a clear idea of what I wanted from a firm. I was looking for the opportunity to get substantive experience, receive meaningful feedback and mentoring, and also work at a place that was invested in my long term development and success. More »

Assignments at Foley Hoag Allow for a Diverse Work Experience

Foley Hoag’s summer program allows summer associates to explore their interests in-depth. One of its most unique features is that summers get to pick the assignments and practice areas they’d be more interested in working on. More »

Social Events at Foley Hoag

There’s no denying that a big part of your summer associate experience should be the social events. The idea is that you’re doing real work, but that you’re also interacting with a variety of attorneys in a casual environment. This is a good time to get a better feel of how attorneys interact with each other and how you might fit in. More »