Taking Advantage of the Breadth of Summer Opportunities

From work assignments to observation opportunities, practice group meetings to informal conversations with attorneys, the opportunities to learn about different practice groups and practice areas have been extensive. Whether firmly determined to practice in a certain area of law, or drawn to several, completely unrelated areas of law, a summer associate’s workload at Foley Hoag can be as diverse as they wish. More »

Mentors and Buddies

Any new workplace can be a little bit difficult to navigate, especially at first. Things like “where can I get more coffee,” “what is Main Street” and “how does this phone work?” can be a little intimidating. More »

Such a Down-to-Earth, Unpretentious Atmosphere

Something struck me during my first day at Foley Hoag: all of my fellow summer associates chose this firm for the exact same reason. What distinguished Foley Hoag for all of us was its down-to-earth, unpretentious atmosphere. More »