Virtual Summer

July 30, 2020

By Danyelle Everett-O’Neill

When I found out our summer program would be virtual I had no idea what to expect. My only experience had been my transition from in-person classes at school to a fully virtual semester, which had posed many different challenges. I was extremely excited when Foley Hoag informed us that we would be going virtual, but I wondered how my summer experience would change. I was pleased to discover my first week that we would hit the ground running. We immediately jumped into interesting and informative firm training programs and were given our first assignment by the end of the week. I was placed on a business internship and got to work right away on substantive matters with partners and associates.

Foley Hoag did a great job of integrating us into the firm considering the difficult circumstances. They hosted fun summer events like paint night, escape the room, a scavenger hunt, and my personal favorite, wine tasting. The firm did its best to create the classic summer associate experience; we were encouraged to attend lunches with as many people as we could and Foley Hoag reimbursed us (an amazing perk!), we were sent goodies and snack baskets to make our days better, and recruiting was always checking in to see if they could do more for us.

I commend Foley Hoag for being so adaptable in these tough times; I was given an amazing summer associate experience working on interesting matters and meeting wonderful people, and for that I am so grateful.

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