“What makes your firm stand out?”

June 27, 2017

By  Rachel Davidson

“What makes your firm stand out?” This was the uncreative but important question I asked every attorney during my first round interviews at OCI. As an interviewee researching firm websites, it is easy to get lost in the sea of similar practice areas, industries and cases. The headshots of men and women in suits begin to blend together. Clients are impressive everywhere, and all work is going to be interesting and complex. Understandably, how a firm distinguishes itself despite all these similarities is a tough question and most of the interviewers I asked rightfully pivoted.
Foley Hoag addressed the question head on. My interviewer began to discuss the mentor and buddy programs. He mentioned the various specialized seminars we would attend as summer associates, and noted the networking events we would be invited to. He talked about the summer social events, the (free) lunches and the different initiatives at the firm. It became clear that Foley Hoag is the type of place that invests in you the same way you invest in it.
And, this is not just something an interviewer says to get you to join their firm. Five weeks into the summer, I have attended six seminars covering topics such as legal research, contract drafting, communications and professional development. I have had lunch with 20 different attorneys, including associates and partners. I have been invited to department lunches and women’s initiative events. I have bowled, played softball and lost trivia. I have gone to brunches, luncheons and dinners in the company of interesting, unique and friendly lawyers, all with very different career trajectories.
In a sea of uniformity, these are the things that set this firm apart. As summer associates we work hard, but Foley Hoag works harder to make us into better, more experienced and more connected professionals.
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