Foley Hoag's Business Internship

July 12, 2017

By  Christian Garcia

The first assignment I took on during Foley Hoag’s summer associate program was a business internship with a partner in the firm's M&A practice. One of the most important lessons I learned is that work in the Business Department is extremely cyclical. When a client wishes to close a transaction, it is all systems go.

My internship began with reviewing numerous acquisition agreements that were pending at the time I joined the internship. I was fortunate to have taken BU Law’s Contracting Drafting course previously, which helped me understand key concepts in deciphering a complicated acquisition agreement.

During the next two weeks, I was immersed in client phone calls. One of the common themes of all the calls I participated in was that the business people on both sides wished to close while the attorneys on both sides sort of acted as a brake, informing their clients of the numerous open issues at hand that demanded attention prior to closing.

Various assignments arose from these calls. I drafted a legal memorandum documenting research on “sandbagging” in acquisition agreements under Delaware and New York jurisdictions; drafted an e-mail regarding the causes of action of fraud under Delaware law; and red-lined an acquisition agreement. Whether you wish to pursue a career in business law or not, I highly recommend participating in Foley Hoag’s business internship. Because law school teaches litigation for the most part, the business internship is a perfect gauge for determining your ultimate career path.

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