The Business Internship: An Insightful Experience

July 21, 2016

By  Jason Roche

A summer spent at Foley Hoag as a summer associate is a summer full of meaningful assignments, free lunches, and fun events... all of which are made even better by the wonderful group of people that work at the firm. It is tough to choose a highlight to write about when looking back on a summer chock-full of great experiences, but one of my favorite parts of the summer program was my business internship.

All summer associates are given the option to participate in a business internship, in which a summer associate is paired with a partner who is working on a business transaction of some kind, such as a merger or financing. This provides the summer associate with opportunities to participate in conversations with the client, draft documents needed to complete the transaction, and generally get a sense of the kind of work that is done by associates in the Business Department. The structure of the business internship allows summer associates to gain a greater understanding of the business transaction as a whole, rather than only being provided a small window into the transaction through a discrete assignment.

Through my business internship, I participated in several board of directors meetings, listened in on diligence calls, and took on interesting assignments which yielded information that proved to be useful in moving the deal forward. The prolonged nature of the business internship allowed me to become well-acquainted with the client and the transaction, which made all of my assignments feel more meaningful. I felt that I was part of the team working on the transaction and that the work I was doing added value. Overall, it was a great experience that confirmed my interest in the Business Department at Foley Hoag and provided me with interesting work to do between all of the other great summer activities held at the firm.

The business internship is a great opportunity to gain insight into the work done by business associates. I would highly recommend it.

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