Ripped from the Headlines

July 23, 2014

By  Craig Randall

Law firms often pitch themselves to students as places where you will be working on cases and matters that are in the news and popular culture. My experiences as a summer associate confirm that this is certainly true at Foley Hoag. The subject of my very first assignment was something that had been an ongoing front-page story in the Boston Globe for months. And then just a few weeks later, I was able to work on a matter that had been the focus of a popular movie a few years back.

I have no doubt that other firms also offer work on headline-grabbing matters, but what set my experiences this summer apart was the level of involvement I was afforded. On the first assignment, I worked one-on-one with the partner who has the relationship with the client from start to finish. He even invited me to attend a meeting of the relevant government agency where I had the opportunity to meet the client’s general counsel, attorneys from the agency and our co-counsel. On the second assignment, I again worked directly with a partner on a matter for large, well-known client. After I sent him an initial draft, the partner went through my work product line-by-line with me and constructively helped improve it. I was surprised to learn that this is not uncommon at Foley Hoag. I was even more surprised, however, when the partner then forwarded my second draft to the client after only making minor edits. The memo still even had my name in the heading when they received it!

While I also learned that some of the most interesting work can be for clients that will probably never find their way onto the front page of any newspaper or be the subject of a movie, it was extremely gratifying to see the level of responsibility and involvement associates, including summer associates, are afforded at Foley Hoag. I witnessed firsthand how the firm’s culture and staffing help its associates develop the skills necessary to become successful and well-rounded attorneys.

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