A Whirlwind Day and a Half

July 11, 2014

By  Sam Bauer

One of the most unique and rewarding experiences I had as a summer associate was working on an emergency assignment for a partner in the Litigation Department. A prospective client needed advice on the enforceability of a noncompete agreement. I was initially tasked with researching the prospective client's particular concerns and briefing the partner on what I found, but I became much more involved than I expected. I sat in on conferences with the partner and prospective client, offered my insight directly, and engaged with the partner and associates during strategizing sessions. Ultimately, our initial plan took a decidedly different course after a revelation about certain documents. It was exciting, interesting, and most importantly made me feel like a first-year associate that was contributing in a meaningful way. I loved every minute of it.

Working on this particular assignment allowed me to see behind the curtains and gain insight into the internal gears of the firm. I experienced how partners get connected to new clients, how they offer initial advice and strategy, how they retain the client, and how the relationship develops from there. It also gave me a sense of how quickly things can move, and ultimately affirmed my desire to be a litigator. All of this in a whirlwind day and a half. The moral of the story: if you see a rush assignment that jumps out at you, take it. You never know where it could lead.

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