The Business Internship: An Insightful Experience

A summer spent at Foley Hoag as a summer associate is a summer full of meaningful assignments, free lunches, and fun events... all of which are made even better by the wonderful group of people that work at the firm. It is tough to choose a highlight to write about when looking back on a summer chock-full of great experiences, but one of my favorite parts of the summer program was my business internship. More »

Ripped from the Headlines

Law firms often pitch themselves to students as places where you will be working on cases and matters that are in the news and popular culture. My experiences as a summer associate confirm that this is certainly true at Foley Hoag. The subject of my very first assignment was something that had been an ongoing front-page story in the Boston Globe for months. And then just a few weeks later, I was able to work on a matter that had been the focus of a popular movie a few years back. More »

A Whirlwind Day and a Half

One of the most unique and rewarding experiences I had as a summer associate was working on an emergency assignment for a partner in the Litigation Department. A prospective client needed advice on the enforceability of a noncompete agreement. I was initially tasked with researching the prospective client's particular concerns and briefing the partner on what I found, but I became much more involved than I expected. More »